The Queen of the Damned

The Queen of the Damned is an Australian-American film released in 2002, based on the third novel of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series with the same title, The Queen of the Damned. It has also many plot elements from The Vampire Lestat and is said to be a critical failure.
Many of us loved it, many others hated it. Hardcore fans have a say on this so I'm just speaking as a person who liked the movie for what it is. However, the author of the novels was never too pleased with it:

The Film "Queen of the Damned" was seen to be a critical failure, and disappointed some viewers. Rice herself has dismissed the film. On her Facebook page, any time the subject is brought up, she repeatedly comments that The Queen of the Damned film is not something she can understand or embrace, that she encouraged them not to do the film and that it hurt her to see her work "mutilated" the way it was. -Source

I still love the film nowadays and enjoy it a lot, even though it looks evidently dated. But if you are like me and have always liked it, don't forget to show your love by joining the fanlisting!

The fanlisting

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Why The Queen of the Damned?

This is one of the movies I've watched most in my teenage years with my older sister. We used to watch it a lot, listen to the amazing OST and dream of vampires haha! My sister is a Vampire Chronicles fan while I haven't read the books, which I should do sometime. But this is a movie I still keep fond memories of and so I thought of giving it a fanlisting!

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