What is a clique?

A clique is, simply, a joinable website that centers around a certain subject. Usually, you can claim a subject like with this clique. Other times you can support an idea or subject by joining. Cliques are explained very well by their owners, so don't be afraid. The following is my description of this clique in particular, so keep reading!


SHEROES is a clique where you can claim a female character from the world of videogames that you feel that represents you in some way or, simply, because you love her. For example, my claim is Regina of Dino Crisis 1 & 2.
The first rule to this clique is that it must be a female character. We live in a world where men get all the attention (want it or not). Even more when we talk about videogame characters and, specially, heroes! So this clique is a way to celebrate strong female characters that we love and respect.

You DON'T have to be a female! You can be male and still claim a female character on this clique if you like her and feel it represents you in a way. It can represent you because it's your favourite female character or because you see things of yourself in her.
You can read the full list of rules in the Join page.

Sheroes? What's up with that title?

SHEROES is a word I came up with for the clique. I simply mixed the words she and heroes to form the title of the website! It's not too spectacular, but I think it does the job and still looks cool!

Current & past designs

You are currently viewing version 1 of the site, featuring Regina of Dino Crisis 1 & 2! She's my favourite female videogame character since I was a kid, so besides claiming her I also made her to be the image for the clique :D.
Resources (thank you!):
-Crazykira @ DA