1. Use an appropriate nickname.
2. Put the NAME of the character and the VIDEOGAME she's from in the Female Hero field in this format: NAME (VIDEOGAME).
3. Only one claim per person is allowed. Also, if the hero you wanted to claim is already chosen, you won't be able to claim it again. First come, first serve! I hope you find a hero to claim soon!
4. You don't need a website to join, but if you want your website listed, you need to put a link/code leading back to this site in a visible place before you send in your joining form.
5. If the form isn't working, feel free to e-mail the owner with your information.
6. Websites with inappropriate content won't be listed.
7. Your hero must be a female character from the world of videogames. She must embody the qualities of a hero, meaning she must be strong, independent and fierce! Here are some examples of what would qualify and what wouldn't:

  • Regina of Dino Crisis is a strong, independent woman who fights against evil organizations and... Dinosaurs!
  • Colette of Tales of Symphonia is a young girl who is strong enough to endure her journey of purification of the world! While she's a clumsy and sweet girl, she is a hero who takes care of her problems actively.
  • Emma Emmerich of Metal Gear wouldn't qualify since she's a woman who's always crying out for help and can't get her shit together. While I love her, she wouldn't qualify as a hero for this clique!
  • If you are unsure, just join and tell me why you think your character would qualify and we shall discuss and find an agreement, or you can choose another character instead :D
    8. Be kind and have fun!


    Enthusiast is no longer working for me, so if you would like to join this clique then please drop me a line